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STRIKE TEAM ONLY!!!: The Shield Wiki

That means you! But if you are a true fan of The Shield, feel free to come in and join. Find anything you need to know about FX's most popular show.
The Shield Wiki started around 2008-2009 and currently contains 2,292 articles and 1,884 images.

If you feel you can crack some skulls, hop in! Anyone can contribute to the project. Just click on the edit button at the top of an article and start typing!

Although The Shield Wiki strives to maintain the highest level of accuracy in its information, it's important to note that the Wiki is in no way affiliated to FX, the creators of the show, or any cast or crew member.


Started around 2008-2009, this Wiki is under construction. Be patient if you need some information about the show, or feel free to help if you're a fan.

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