Season 2

January 7, 2003 - April 1, 2003


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Season 2 of The Shield began in January 7, 2003 on the FX Network. It was created by Shawn Ryan and consists of 13 episodes.

The Shield: The Complete Second Season was released on DVD in North America on January 6, 2004.


The Strike Team devise a plan to steal from the Armenian Mafia by ripping off their Money Train operation. Also, the Barn attempts to capture a vicious child molester called Armadillo Quintero that's attempting to seize power of local drug trade. Meanwhile, Mackey continues the search for his family, while making an unlikely allegiance with Aceveda to make ends meet at the Barn.

Also, the Barn is supervised by a civilian auditor, while a new member is added to the Strike Team.


Season 2 begins approximately a month after the events of Season 1. Although no timeline is specified, it appears to cover a period of roughly two or three months.


The season follows a few main plots and several subplots:

  1. The Strike Team and the detectives at the Barn try to stop and capture drug lord Armadillo Quintero.
  2. The Team plans the robbery of the Armenian Mafia Money Train.
  3. Julien Lowe plans to get married, but his secret past is brought to light.
  4. Officer Danny Sofer's career is endangered after she shoots a civilian.

Major subplotsEdit

  • Vic Mackey's attempts to reunite with his family.
  • A civilian auditor is brought to the Barn to supervise their work.
  • As primaries close in, Captain David Aceveda's arrangement with Mackey threatens his political career.
  • A new member joins the Strike Team.



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* Johnson appears in only 12 episodes, but is credited in all 13.


Picture Title # Prod. code Original airdate
2x01 Quick-fix-main "The Quick Fix" 14 201 January 7, 2003
While Mackey searches for his wife and children, the Strike Team allow more drugs into Farmington through a corrupt connection. But when their latest shipment turns bad, they head to Tijuana to uncover the person behind their tainted cocaine. Wagenbach and Wyms try to track down the man responsible for fire necklacing the captains of two separate gangs.
2x02 Vic Armadillo stove-2 "Dead Soldiers" 15 202 January 14, 2003
As Mackey gets closer to finding his family, the Strike Team focuses their attention to Armadillo after he burns down Tio's HQ. Mackey must now prevent Wyms from finding out the truth about his connection to Tio and his men. Wagenbach is followed around by the new civilian auditor to solve a meter-maid murder, and Sofer and Lowe try to clear up issues between feuding neighbors.
2x03 Vic shot "Partners" 16 203 January 21, 2003
Still fuming from the death of Tio and his brawl with Armadillo, Mackey takes a day off and leaves the Strike Team with Aceveda, only to end up helping an old partner bust the man who helped him lose his job. Wagenbach and Wyms search to find the people behind the torture and mutilation of a woman who may still be alive, and Lowe fails to back up Sofer's side of the story from her shooting.
2x04 Vic Eznik-2 "Carte Blanche" 17 204 January 28, 2003
Now that Mackey is back to work, he and Vendrell go undercover as dirty cops to find the man behind a robbery/murder. Wagenbach and Wyms track down an old rival of Wyms after a turned in gun is connected to a previous case. In an attempt to get the Asian vote in the election, Aceveda assigns Lowe and Sofer to watch over a Korean parish.
2x05-Vic-greenlit "Greenlit" 18 205 February 4, 2003
Aceveda works with Mackey and the Strike Team to take down a dealer giving heroin to school kids, while Wagenbach and Wyms help a woman find her Alzheimer-addled mother.
2x06 Mike Connie "Homewrecker" 19 206 February 11, 2003
Detectives Wagenbach, Mackey and Wyms investigate a massacre at a women's shelter, and Captain Aceveda works with Lowe on the case of a stolen bicycle.
2x07-vic-ronnie-burn "Barnstormers" 20 207 February 18, 2003
Mackey and Emma try to help a woman in an abusive relationship. Mackey and the Strike Team begin to make plans for the Money Train take down, even though the greenlight still has them on their toes. When Aceveda tells Wagenbach that he embarrassed the department with the Bob and Marcy case and that Wyms is now lead on all their cases, he's forced to take any action necessary to prove himself in a new homicide. Sofer finally makes a stand against Yassirah.
150px "Scar Tissue" 21 208 February 25, 2003
When Mackey discovers that Gardocki has been burned as payback, the rest of the team does everything they can to put an end to Armadillo. Wyms makes headway on her investigation against Mackey after a conversation with Corrine, and Wagenbach takes Sofer under his wing as they try to find the suspect of a Thai Town beating.
2x09-vic-shane-dets "Co-Pilot" 22 209 March 4, 2003
Flashback to the first day of the Barn. Under pressure to get results, Mackey and his new Strike Team make an impression on the streets. Wagenbach and Wyms realize they make a good team, and Aceveda discovers he doesn't have as much power as he thought he would.
2x10-drunk-ben "Coyotes" 23 210 March 11, 2003
When Lanie's report on the Barn is leaked to the press, everyone suddenly fears for their jobs, including Aceveda, mentioned as the reason for most of the problems. Mackey and Vendrell deal with a bail-skipping Gilroy while Lemansky shows the newest member of the Strike Team the ropes. Wyms faces some of her own demons as she and Wagenbach try to uncover the culprit behind a possible robbery/homicide and Sofer comes to a startling realization.
2x11-strike-team "Inferno" 24 211 March 18, 2003
His face healed, Gardocki comes up with a plan to take down the Money Train. Unfortunately, a federal criminal comes back to Farmington, and the Team has to use every connection trick and resource to bring him in to prove the Barn is still powerful. Wagenbach and Wyms investigate the rape of a young girl which leads to information that puts the case in a new light. Plus, an old friend from the past reappears to make Lowe's life hell.
2x12-julien-tomas-jail "Breakpoint" 25 212 March 25, 2003
While the Strike Team puts the finishing touches on the money train take down, Mackey works with Wagenbach and Wyms to find a missing child. Aceveda gets an unwanted visit from the Chief, and Lowe receives an unpleasant surprise.
2x13-money-st-2 "Dominoes Falling" 26 213 April 1, 2003
When a gang execution hits close to home for Wyms, Mackey, Garris, and Wagenbach work together to find the culprit before anyone else gets hurt. Vendrell, Lemansky, and Gardocki are forced to choose between hitting the Money Train without Mackey or letting it go. Sofer receives some life changing news and Lowe's harassment reaches a whole new level.


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