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Mara Sewell was the wife of Shane Vendrell.

Before Season 3Edit

At some point, Shane Vendrell met Mara and they started dating. Mara was also planning to get her realtors license.

Season 3Edit

Two months after meeting, Mara stopped by the Barn to see Shane. As they were at the Strike Team clubhouse, they planned to go to Dream Motor Cars to look for a new car for her. Shane had agreed to help her with the down payment, while she would go on paying the monthly payments. At that moment, Vic Mackey walked in and Mara decided to leave. She then reminded Shane to meet at the dealer. That evening, when they meet at the dealer, Shane tells Mara that he can't help her with the money. As they leave, Mara gets angry at him because he had promised her.

The next day, Shane had promised to take Mara for lunch. However, he remembered when he was in the middle of a stakeout and called her to apologize. They then agreed to meet later. Mara eventually convinced Shane and that night they went back to the dealer to buy the car.

Some time later, Mara was sleeping with Shane when Vic called to wake him up for work. Mara was annoyed by Vic's attitude arriving so early and barging on their house so late, but didn't say anything. When Shane returned early and told him he had an argument with Vic, she tried to console him telling him how Vic always put him down. However, Shane told him it wasn't like that.

Some mornings later, Vic stopped by the apartment while Shane wasn't there. When Mara told him, he told her that he wanted to apologize to her for how he had behaved earlier and acknowledged how she was becoming an important part of Shane's life. However, Mara simply dismissed him and told him how she didn't like the way he treated Shane. She then told him that she didn't want him going there when Shane wasn't home.


Mara is insecure, quick to anger and jealous of the close bond between Shane and Vic Mackey. She undermines their friendship to the point where Shane is forced to choose between his best friend and his wife. He repeatedly chooses his wife, causing a rift which brings apart the Strike Team.

Mara insists on having no secrets between her and Shane. This turns her into more than the usual cop wife; she is fully aware of Shane's crimes, and willing to do anything to protect her family. She even threatens Corrine Mackey to tell the world about Vic's crimes when she feels that Vic may hurt Shane in Season 6.


Mara sent her mother, Stella Sewell, some cash which turned out to be marked. When she asked her mother to lie to the police about it, her mother tried to extort her for additional cash.

Relationship with Shane VendrellEdit

Although Shane and Mara had many problems throughout their marriage, they truly loved each other and became closer as their problems became larger. Series creator Shawn Ryan has commented that as Vic and Corine grew further apart, Shane and Mara became a tighter unit.