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Emolia Melendez
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Emolia Melendez was a heroin cutter for the Salvadorans and then became an informant for both Vic Mackey and Internal Affairs.

Season 4Edit

Emolia witnessed Curtis Lemansky steal a kilo of heroin and reported it to Internal Affairs.

Season 5Edit

Emolia remained as Vic's informant for six months, giving him information and accepting his favors for her son. Vic became attached to her, expressing a wish for her to leave the informant business and to find work for her elsewhere, but ultimately discovered that she was also serving as an informant on the Team for Kavanaugh. Vic managed to get her alone and instructed her to not reveal any more information, under threat of violence.

Emolia- Season 5 interrogation

Emolia being interrogated during Season 5.

She was nearly killed in a Salvadoran grenade manufacturing plant during a sting and later expressed regret to Vic for reporting Lem. When Kavanaugh's investigation disintegrated because Lem accepted a deal, Emolia tried to convince Vic to accept her as an informant once again. Vic refused to be persuaded and, after using her services one last time to obtain information of the Salvadorian Mob's current operations, he cut off ties with her.

Season 6Edit

Emolia, however, returned to the lives of the Strike Team when Kavanaugh found her and, with an offer of witness protection, fed her a false story in order to indict Vic Mackey for the murder of Lemansky. However, her story was later disproved by Dutch Wagenbach, who discovered that Kavanaugh and Emolia never met at the meeting place that was designated and, after a lecture from Claudette Wyms about how she would look back at this period of her life and how she had been used by both Mackey and Kavanaugh, is prepared to overturn her testimony until a guilt ridden Kavanaugh confessed to feeding her the story.