Hispanic Lady Officer
Affiliation: Los Angeles Police Department
Profession: Police officer
Status: Alive
Played by: (unknown actor)
Season(s): 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7
First episode: "Our Gang"
Last episode: "Family Meeting"

This uncredited female officer started appearing in season 1 of The Shield and she is recurring as a officer through out the series.

Season 1Edit

1x06 Dutch Aceveda walk past Hispanic

Appearing in Cherrypoppers

1x13 Aceveda on phone

Appearing in Circles

Walking past Aceveda and Dutch in (''Cherrypoppers'').

After Captain Aceveda makes a call to get put through with Sedona Tellez and threatening with subpoena. She is seen talking next to him in a short notice.

Season 3Edit

3x07 Hispanic officer 1 shot

Appearing in Safe.

3x12 Hispanic Mark Stone and officer laughing

Appearing in Riceburner.

Her in the Barn, sitting in the kitchen and listening the black humor satire tape about emergency calls.

Season 4Edit

In the first episode of the Season, Diane is greeted by new Captain Monica Rawling as David Aceveda was introducing her.

Season 5Edit

5x01 Vic and officers listening

Appearing in Extraction

When Billings is holding a speech in front of the Barn press release podium while talking about the budget cuts and some officers having to go solo on the street, she is seen from the crowd. (''Extraction'').

5x08 Hispanic walking by

Appearing in Kavanaugh

Seen shortly on screen when Jon Kavanaugh is approaching Sadie and then noticing that Strike Team is about to go on location, a raid for Guardo also meaning that Emolia had to go with them to be wired while assembling live grenades for him.

Season 6Edit

6x07 Hernan with Hispanic

Appearing in Exiled

You can see her helping exit the undercover Hernan out of the building, it was Vic's planned raid to help him win the respect and trust of the Salvadorian bosses.


  • Her name is briefly heard when Captain Monica Rawling greeted her at the precinct's mess hall during "The Cure".


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