The Decoy Squad was a team of undercover officers that worked at Wilshire. They were brought in to serve at the Barn under Claudette Wyms during Season 3.

Before Season 3Edit

The Decoy Squad was originally meant to rotate among all districts. However, Captain Griggs had managed to hold them for a long time.

Season 3Edit

As Detective Claudette Wyms prepared to assume the role of captain of the Barn, she mentioned the idea of bringing the Decoy Squad to the Barn to help them. Captain David Aceveda initially rebuked the idea, but as he decided not to step down from his position, he told Claudette that he would implement her idea. To achieve this, Aceveda contacted Councilman Doknovitch and offered to support his zoning application in the future, if he supported his decision to take the Decoy Squad away from Captain Griggs.

While supervising the Strike Team, Claudette Wyms brought the Decoy Squad to help with cases. The Decoy Squad quartered in the Strike Team's clubhouse, causing some friction between both groups. A semi-friendly rivalry started where both teams even made a bet on who would solve their first case together. When the Strike Team succeeded, the Decoy Squad was forced to streak naked through the Barn.

The Decoy Squad later asked to be transferred when one of their officers, Trish George, was put in danger after Wyms neglected a memo about a mole in the streets.