CCH Pounder
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Character(s) Claudette Wyms
Date of Birth December 25, 1952
Origin Guyana
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Carol Christine Hilaria Pounder (born December 25, 1952), known professionally as CCH Pounder, played Detective Claudette Wyms on The Shield.

Biography Edit

Pounder was born in Guyana and raised on a sugar cane plantation. When she was a young girl, her parents moved to the United States, and later sent to a boarding school in Great Britain. After graduating, she went to study at the Ithaca College in New York where she discovered acting. She worked in several theater plays, including The Mighty Gents with Morgan Freeman, and her debut in Broadway in Open Admissions.

She has recently garnered critical acclaim for her performances in "ER" and "The Shield", both of which got her several Emmy nominations.

Pounder married Senegalese anthropologist Boubacar Kone on 1991. They married in an African ceremony in Senegal, and then remarried in Los Angeles. She has recently appeared in hit movies such as Avatar (with Matt Gerald).

Role on The Shield Edit

The character of Claudette Wyms was originally supposed to be a man, but Pounder's agent called creator Shawn Ryan and convinced him to change the detective to a woman. However, Pounder still requested that none of the original dialogue was changed so her character would be able to "hold her own" alongside other male detectives.

Selected filmography Edit

  • Orphan (2009)
  • End of Days (1999)
  • Face/Off (1997)
  • Robocop 3 (1993)
  • Sliver (1993)
  • Postcards from the Edge (1990)
  • Prizzi's Honor (1985)
  • All That Jazz (1979)

Television appearances Edit

  • "The Shield" (2002-2008)
  • "Justice League" (2004-2006)
  • "ER" (1994-1997)
  • "L.A. Law" (1986-1992)

The Shield related appearances Edit

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