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Diagur Leyva was one of the leaders of the Byz Lats.

The Byzantine Latinos (or Byz Lats) were a Latino gang operating in Farmington.

Before Season 3[]

At some point, the Byz Lats planned to take control of the drug trade in Farmington. To achieve this, their leader - Garza - made a deal with a military officer called Lex to purchase illegal weapons and prepare for a gang war with the One-Niners.

After the weapons were delivered, Diagur Leyva, a soldier from the Byz Lats, convinced his father to serve as courier for a shipment of ammunition from Yuma, Arizona. After picking it up, he headed back to Los Angeles.

Season 3[]

On his way back to Farmington, Jesse had an accident with a teenage drug dealer, which led the Strike Team to find out about the shipment of ammunition. During his interrogation, Jesse refused to implicate his son Diagur.

Vic Mackey and the Strike Team went to an arcade place where Diagur and the Byz Lats hung out and threatened them if he found out they were arming themselves. Despite this, the Byz Lats killed a One-Niners soldier called Slap in a drive-by shooting.

As retaliation, Kern Little shoot at some Byz Lats gang members when they were hanging on the street.

Known Members[]

  • Garza - Leader
  • Santi Galas - Leader of the Byz Lats in Farmington
  • Diagur Leyva - Member-turned-leader
  • Juan Lozano - Aceveda's rapist
  • Ricky - Small-time member
  • Raymond Montes - Member who tried to convince Calva not to join the Torrucos
  • Calva - Former member who tried to join the Torrucos
  • Aramis - Leyva's lieutenant
  • Elisa Ortiz - Juan's girlfriend who threatened Aceveda with pictures of his forced assault; Not a direct member of the gang
  • Esteban - Attempted to become a member by carrying out Garza's orders to kill both Calva and Raymond 
  • Lonzo Wang - Drug dealer smuggler for the Byz Lats
  • Fred -Contraband smuggler working for the gang


  • Los Angeles has a neighborhood called the Byzantine Latino Quarter, formerly occupied mostly by Greeks and Latinos. The Byz Lats are presumably named after this neighborhood.
  • In Season 2, Episode 9 of Shawn Ryan's The Unit, the protagonists raid a house harboring a Latino gang with weapons, tattoos and modus operandi that are similar to the Byz Lats. Also in season 3, episode 9, the unit infiltrates a gang of Byz Lat soldiers selling weapons on the black market. Frankie rodreguez plays a member of the gang.
  • There is a brief mention of the Byz-Lats by Nero in Season 5 of Kurt Sutter's Sons of Anarchy in the episode "Darthy". They were also mentioned once again in Season 6, Episode 2 "One One Six" by an officer after the school shooting.