Season 1Edit

1x02 Vic telling about Terry hospital

Him appearing second from the left to Vic Mackey

This uncredited and not named background actor appears in the second episode of The Shield (''Our Gang''). Seen from the distance when Vic Mackey is talking to Paul Jackson about Terry Crowley going down.

1x06 Aceveda and Dutch talking

Appearing in Cherrypoppers

When Dutch is asking for more officer resources for the missing girl Sally and Aceveda just denies all his requests because lack of evidence he is seen walking pass them.

1x13 Gilroy talking at Barn

Appearing in Circles

After two uniform cops get ambushed in (''Circles'') and killed by the fake 911 calls, Gilroy is commanding every resource on finding the shooters and he is there to hear him out.

Season 2Edit

2x04 Vic congratulated

Seen to from right to Vic Mackey in Carte Blanche

In (''Carte Blanche'') he is seen congratulating Vic for receiving the medal of courage for his bravery on duty stopping the gun deal and getting injured on the scene in episode Partners. He is also seen escorting Manny Sandoval out of the interrogation room after Claudette mentions that '' I don't need a full confession ''.
2x04 Manny escorted

Him escorting Manny back to the cage

In episode (''Greenlit'') he is opening the front lobby door for Vic when Connie is there to see him.

2x06 Vic talking

Appearing in Homewrecker with Mark Stone

When Captain Aceveda has to appear in the uniform once a month for the brass, partnering up with Julien this time and we can see Stone and him appearing on the background.

Season 3Edit

3x04 Aceveda and Danny

Appearing in Streaks and Tips

Aceveda approaching Danny about the noise complaint at Julien's house, seen shortly talking near the lobby.

Season 4Edit

4x01 Black officer holding Vic

Appearing in The Cure

In the premiere he helps to cool down a hand to hand confrontation between Vic and Aceveda, his the one getting pushed away by Mackey !

4x05 Shane talking

Appearing in Tar Baby

Every Detective and Officer going over (''Tar Baby'') the raid plan over the tar projects , later it comes out from the papers that this was one of Mitchell's many operations, Shane was unable to give a heads up for Antwon which later got himself in trouble.

Season 5Edit

5x01 Lorenzo Lavedra-held

Bringing Lorenzo back upstairs in Extraction.

5x07 Black sergeant writing

Appearing in Man Inside.

When Claudette falls down (Man Inside) the stairs, he is seen shortly from the buzzer lobby of the Barn filling in some documents.

5x08 Kavanaugh and Corrine

Appearing in Kavanaugh.

Corrine getting a legal representative against Kavanaugh, seen from a camera shot also giving him the leftover money Vic gave her for the kids.

Season 7Edit

7x13 Black sergeant

Appearing in Family Meeting

7x02 Vic and Black sergeant

Appearing in Snitch

When Mackey asks for to look the belongings of Jamal (Snitch), having direct dialog between the two.

7x06 Ronnie and black sergeant

Him walking away in Animal Control

When Ronnie is out of sight there to rig Shane's gun to malfunction (Animal Control) for him to die in the junkyard meeting between mexicans and armenians for supposed exchange of intelligence, Gardocki asks sergeant to take a small break.

7x08 Julien and other officers

Claudette giving high alert for finding Two-Man, appearing in Parricide

His last appearance in (Family Meeting) when Vic Mackey shows up in The Barn for the last time, everybody staring Vic in disgrace of hearing the truth about Terry Crowley. He still seemingly has his three stripe rank and works out of the front lobby. The face he gives off to Mackey is cold. He is also seen celebrating Tina Hanlon second year anniversary in the end of the episode with other officers until they get shots been fired called in emergency.

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Season 1

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Season 5

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Season 7

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